About This

Bitter Turn is due to release on March 31, 2017.

Set in the city of Gloucester, Bitter Turn stars a young man forced under peer pressure to make difficult & dangerous decisions as a last resort, but as he gets in deep he finds escape comes with a bitter price.

This project was inspired by current events in Gloucester and the idea was to create a what if scenario to show what could happen if the young people of Gloucester were in these realistic situations that effect our community.

Cast: Craig Lewis, Dean Henry, Thomas Selleck-Newton, Daniel ‘Danger’ Cunningham & Lashay Grinter.
Production: Warden Media

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bitterturnmovieupdatepage/
Website: www.bitterturn.com
Twitter: Coming Soon
Instagram: Coming Soon

The music for the trailer was used with the express permission of both the artist and producer:
Griz-O – Twists & Turns (Radio Edit) Prod. by @WildBoyAce