Who we are

Craig Lewis

Craig Lewis

Role: Screenplay writer for Bitter Turn, Co- Director and Co- Star actor Big Taz

I am 34 years of age, I am a actor and writer as well as a rap musician. Bitter Turn was inspired by the number of knife incidents and domestic abuse which grew vastly over the years, originally I intended to create a 4 part web series similar to my previous web release Don’t Mirror My Past, highlighting the issues. After writing 4 episodes My Brother in law suggested that we make a feature length movie, which turned into BitterTurn after 2 years in the making.
The character that I play in this movie is Big Taz he is an experienced drug lord who’s motivation changes after he realises the errors of his ways.

Dean Henry

Dean Henry

Dean Henry

Role: Screenplay writer for Bitter Turn, Co- Producer

Dean Henry, born in Gloucester, UK on 24th April 1987. A Husband and father of two beautiful daughters. Since a young age he has always had a fascination with stories and any type of narrative art. It is this fascination mixed with all of the recent deaths crimes and disturbances that involve a knife that birthed a desire to addresses this issue by creating a full feature film.

Going forward, Dean believes after the success of Bitter Turn that he will continue writing screenplays and get more involved behind the camera.

Ben Woodward

Role: Co- Director, Production, Camera Work, Audio Engineer

Ben Woodward is the director of a Gloucestershire based videography and media production company, ‘Warden Media’. Born in Chester in 1986, Ben has been writing, directing and producing films for nearly 5 years for professional organisations including the NHS, County Council & Gloucester College. He has lent his skills to all stages of development for Bitter Turn. From pre-production to scene direction & cinematography to post production editing. He hopes that by bringing talented individuals together throughout the county, Gloucestershire will become a great hub of creative arts and film.

Thomas Sellick-Newton

Role: Co- Producer and Co- Star actor

Thomas Sellick-Newton is an Actor, Performer, Curator and Artist born in Poole, Dorset on 2 August 1993. Has been in the industry since the age of 16 years old and now teaches both performing arts and drama students at the university of Gloucestershire. Thomas has credited works with BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and the yesterday channel. He was keen to use his expertise he has acquired to improve the professional quality of ‘Bitter turn’ the film.

He helped direction of some scenes looking specifically at accuracy of subtext, dialogue and continuiety. He also sat on the production team post filming looking at the same areas in the editing process. Having him on the production team would then lead to engaging with a larger audience and to rejuvenate the arts around the south west more specifically places like Gloucester.

Having suffered at the hands of violence of this nature in the past personally he was assured that by using his experience he could make the issue that ‘Bitter turn’ raises an emotional and intimate message publisised to a national audience.